Lucrum 3

Lucrum 3

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Monthly Performance and overview of all your account details.


Interrogate every trade with a deeply searchable interface.


Asset management statistics in real-time for a more complete picture.


Invest with greater confidence using account specific and whole market insight.

Lucrum 3 Performance

Account Creation

It’s crucial to begin by opening an account with AXI Trading. Once your AXI Trading account is up and running, please reach out to us through the contact page. We’re here to provide essential assistance with account setup, configuring copy trading parameters, and addressing any additional requirements your account may have. Our goal is to ensure a seamless trading experience for you.

Ready to join us? Click below to discover how to sign up and become part of our community!

Ready to join us? Click below to discover how to sign up and become part of our community!

Copy trading

Is a form of online trading that allows you to replicate the trading activities of experienced and successful traders in real-time. Here’s how it generally works:

Platform Selection

At Lucrum 369, we are seamlessly integrated into the AXI Trading systems. To fully capitalize on our trading insights, you need to employ the AXI Trading Copy Trading application. Just below, you'll find links to download the AXI Trading Copy Trading app for Android and iOS devices.

Trader Selection

To embark on your Copy Trading journey with Lucrum 369, simply locate us within the AXI Trading Copy Trading app by using the search function "Lucrum 369." Before that, however, it's essential to create an account with AXI Trading. You'll find a "Join Now" button at the end of this page, leading you to the AXI Trading sign-up portal.

Allocating Funds

Prior to initiating trade replication through Lucrum 369, you'll need to ensure a minimum account balance deposit of $3000. This deposit is a prerequisite for us to commence replicating trades on your behalf and foster a successful trading experience.

Real-Time Mirroring

As the traders you've chosen execute trades in their own accounts, those same trades are mirrored in your account in real-time. This means that if a trader buys or sells a specific asset, the same action will be carried out in your account.

Risk Management

To ensure a balanced and secure trading experience, we adhere to a 1:1 copy ratio for risk management. This approach maintains consistency between your trades and our trading activities, mitigating potential risks.

Automatic Updates:

Your copied trades are updated automatically in your account whenever the trader you're copying makes changes. This ensures that you stay aligned with their trading strategy as it evolves.

Lucrum Signup Bonus

Are you ready to receive a signup bonus? Simply send us an email via the contact page after making a deposit, and we’ll ensure your bonus is activated. We’re here to enhance your trading journey and provide added value to your experience.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Welcome to a new era of trading with Lucrum!
If you’ve already installed the application, click “Join Now” below.